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Latest Information Providing

We not only import and export products, but are also dedicated to further burnishing our capabilities for providing accurate and ample information with regards to the latest company information, revisions to laws and ordinances, product marketing trends, markets and more in local regions. We work to promptly provide the latest information in a consistent manner, including everything from the stages of providing samples to manufacturer inspections, research and development, price negotiation, guaranteeing high quality, and the importation and exportation of products. Sourcing Service of China-made products: 1、Accept requests from clients for sourcing China-made products.
2、According to the requests, confirm the schedule of sourcing to the clients.
3、Source the potential vendors and sample collection, then submit the related report to clients.
4、Lead clients to visit factories on demand.
 We also offer the services of overseas potential vendors and products for customers. With regard to any RFQ such as “is there such products?” , please feel free to let us know, our friendly staffs with fluent Japanese could be happy to receipt and arrange your every requests.